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Why Our New Patented MicroFusion TechnologTM Achieves Faster, More Intensive Results

Why Our New Patented MicroFusion Technolog<sup>TM</sup> Achieves Faster, More Intensive Results

The most effective ingredients in the world won’t provide maximum benefits if they merely sit on top of skin or are eroded by light, sun, and pollution before they can do their job. So, we’ve devoted ourselves to years of intensive research to create our new patented revolutionary MicroFusion Technology

Clinically proven to help our active ingredients get to where they need to go more precisely than other delivery systems, our proprietary  MicroFusion Technology also safeguards skin from the environmental assailants that can damage skin and deactivate ingredients before they can work their hardest. It also works overtime to repair existing skin damage.

What it is:  Sourced from 150-million-year-old pure organic matter, MicroFusion Technology’s delivery molecules harness the power of nature to deliver advanced and accelerated results in a fraction of the time it takes other skincare delivery systems.

How it Works: MicroFusion Technology’s powerful magnetic capabilities attract and pull our other groundbreaking active ingredients into skin, so they are deeply absorbed. Meanwhile, its reverse polarity properties capture and draw out skin-damaging and ingredient-sabotaging impurities, irritants, and pollutants.  MicroFusion Technology also energizes skin’s vital functions while helping to repair existing damage.

Where You’ll Find it: MicroFusion Technology powers our new pioneering HYDRI-C Daily Vitamin C Moisturizer and PRELUDE Facial Treatment Cleanser.

Who They’re For: HYDRI-C Daily Vitamin C Moisturizer is safe and soothing for all skin types, including the most sensitive, looking for a non-irritating Vitamin C experience to receive extra-antioxidant protection, line and wrinkle reduction, enhanced radiance, and blemish controlling-benefits. PRELUDE Facial Treatment Cleanser carefully deep cleanses and refines all skin types, including the most sensitive, while drawing out the impurities that can cause irritation, redness, and blemishes.

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