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Small Yet Mighty: Our Strict Quality Control of our Proprietary HA

Small Yet Mighty: Our Strict Quality Control of our Proprietary HA

HA is an "it" ingredient in skincare these days. There's scarcely any lotion, serum, or emollient without it. There's no denying it can significantly benefit skin by intensely moisturizing and helping to shore up its crucial protective moisture barrier that locks moisture in and keeps toxins, pollutants, and dirt out. HA also helps to firm, smooth, and calm upset skin. However, not all HAs are the same. Here are four key reasons we can safely say our HA is HA like you've never seen before:

  1. We Think Small: We produce our HA in micro batches (think test tubes) that are 1200% smaller than conventional HA batch formulas (think vats), resulting in a 99% pure medical injectable grade HA.
  2. We are Unconventional: Unlike other HA formulas, our HA is naturally derived through a patented purity and potency-preserving process called Chromatography, which allows us to substantially reduce the need for potentially skin-irritating chemicals in other extraction processes. It also eliminates the need for heat which can dramatically decrease hyaluronic acid's effectiveness.
  3. We Carry More Weight: Our innovative extraction process and meticulous filtration system result in HA with longer high and low-weight molecular chains, which means Hydrinity can attack aging and skin irritation from all angles. First, the high molecular weight molecules draw skin-plumping moisture into skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while boosting vital moisture reserves to help strengthen skin's protective moisture barrier and improve skin comfort and elasticity. Next, the lower-weight molecules enhance the effects of the formula's other active ingredients.
  4. We're Supercharged: Our extraction process also generates hyaluronic acid molecules powered by a strong ionic charge that creates super rapid anti-inflammatory properties while helping kickstart skin's collagen, elastin, and keratinocytes to preserve and improve skin integrity. The result? Skin-beautifying hyaluronic acid that's light years ahead of pack.

 Experience our pure, precise, potent, and remarkably effective HA in our Eye Renew Complex, Restorative HA Serum, Renewing HA Serum, and Vivid Brightening Serum.

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