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Soothe Skin and Enhance the Benefits of a Professional Peel

Soothe Skin and Enhance the Benefits of a Professional Peel

Now that we’re moving into cooler, cloudier days, the experts consider it a much safer time to embark on a professional peel than in sunny summer days. These high-octane, in-office procedures offer medical-grade exfoliations to help alleviate skin care issues, including pigmentation spots, uneven skin tone and texture, acne scars, and fine lines. But they do require some critical pre and post-care on our part. While it’s essential to check with your skincare professional before embarking on any skincare regime before and after a peel, here are a few important ways to maximize their results and safeguard skin.


  • Time it right: For the best possible results and fastest recovery, experts advise scheduling a peel when we can mostly be indoors to minimize the possibility of sun damage. So, it’s not a great time to plan a Caribbean vacation, tennis tournament, or hiking trip to the Southwest.
  • Prep skin: Help a peel work its hardest by getting the brightening, skin tone-evening, and pigmentation-spot-reducing ball rolling with a gentle yet effective at-home serum. Our Vivid Brightening Serum incorporates our patented RPH TechnologyTM that combines a potent blend of our supercharged HA with 10+ powerful ingredients that work synergistically to fade the appearance of existing pigmentation spots dramatically, accelerate cell renewal, prevent new dark patches from developing, repair sun damage, soothe inflammation, create a more even skin tone and deeply hydrate skin.
  • Safeguard skin: Avoid sun exposure and wear an SPF of at least 30 daily.
  • Check with your skincare pro or doctor about discontinuing certain products: Typically, many will advise avoiding potential skin irritants such as retinol, scrubs, and formulations with AHAs and BHAs about ten days before a peel. They might also recommend discontinuing any medications with aspirin and ibuprofen, avoiding facial waxing, and saying so-long to self-tanners for now. Avoid shaving the day of the peel.


  • Protect Skin: Post-peel skin is extra sun sensitive. So, while wearing sunscreen outside is essential, it’s crucial after a peel. And while an SPF 30 is the recommended minimum for standard daily use, now’s a great time for a non-chemical, non-irritating, and non-greasy formulation with at least SPF 50. Use about a nickel-sized amount or more for the face, and don’t forget the neck. Wear sun-protective clothing with a UPF (ultra-violet protection factor) and a hat with an extra-wide brim.
  • Soothe and Shield Skin: Prolong the life of the peel and speed up recovery with the appropriate after-care products. Our Restorative HA Serum is a gentle, soothing serum powered by our patented supercharged Hyaluronic Acid and PPM6 It is clinically proven to reduce inflammation and stimulate skin’s natural recovery process while enhancing hydration, improving texture, and brightening skin. It’s also infused with potent antioxidants to help combat the free radicals that can damage skin and trigger pigmentation spots.
  • Check with your skincare pro or doctor: Ask your clinician before re-starting your regular skincare routine to help avoid irritation.

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