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Break the Summer Breakout Cycle

Break the Summer Breakout Cycle

Summertime typically means hot temperatures, high humidity, and lots of sweating. These conditions conspire together to create a perfect storm of blemishes and breakouts, mainly caused by our pores becoming clogged by the increased oil and sweat our skin produces when the mercury soars. Hot moist skin also creates the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which can get trapped in these clogged pores. Here's a simple guide to keeping our complexions under control during the sultry summer months:

  • Use Clean Towels: Damp towels can harbor blemish-causing bacteria, which can transfer back to skin.
  • Cleanse Gently but Thoroughly: The idea is to remove oily buildup without stripping skin. And it's a good idea to cleanse after sweating and wearing sunscreen as soon as possible. Our Hyacyn Active Purifying Mist is formulated with Hypochlorous Acid(HOCI), a potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent that effectively treats blemishes, renews compromised skin, reduces the risk of infection, and deeply calms all skin types.
  • Seek Out Soothing and Lightweight Hydrators: Thicker moisturizers clog pores and can bring on breakouts. Instead, reach for a calming serum. Formulated with heavy-duty yet featherweight hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane, our HA Restorative Serum also calms the irritation that can accompany blemishes while strengthening skin's protective moisture barrier, evening out skin tone and smoothing texture along with improving hydration, skin recovery, and overall appearance.
  • Change Pillowcases Regularly: Like towels, they can sop up bacteria and transfer it back to skin. Many dermatologists advise patients to sleep on silk pillowcases which aren't bacteria magnets like cotton ones and are gentler to skin since they glide across it rather than tug on it.
  • Clean Makeup Brushes and Applicators Regularly: Like anything else that touches our faces, beauty tools are literally bacteria-sopping sponges.
  • Keep an Eye on Chlorine: Because chlorine is anti-bacterial, a dip in the pool might help beat blemishes. But if we allow the chlorine to dry out our skin, our bodies will likely produce excess sebum to compensate, which could end up clogging pores. To keep skin beautifully balanced, moisturize regularly and stay hydrated.
  • Use Oil-Free Sunscreens: These lightweight formulations are far less likely to cause breakouts than their creamier counterparts.
  • Shower after Sweating: Letting sweat dry on skin is another virtually surefire way to clog pores. If it's impossible to shower immediately, consider using oil-free cleansing wipes. And try to change out of sweat-soaked clothes sooner, rather than later.

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