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Are We Aging our Skin?

Are We Aging our Skin?

Trying to fend off the signs of aging can leave us in a complexion Catch-22. Many skincare products formulated to fight lines, wrinkles and sun damage often use forceful ingredients designed to “wound” or “irritate” skin to kick its natural defenses, e.g., its building blocks collagen and elastin, into high gear.

But the funny thing is, and we don’t find it funny, these treatments might accelerate the aging process since irritation can trigger the production of free radicals, which have been proven to age skin. So instead of turning back the clock, these ingredients may advance it. Not to mention the fact that they can wreak havoc on sensitive types. It is a delicate balance, then, to incorporate ingredients that achieve dramatic results without wounding skin to the point of stirring up inflammation-producing free radicals.

At Hydrinity, we achieve this balance by working overtime to produce anti-aging products that are safe and soothing for even the most stressed and sensitive skin types, including those prone to blemishes, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Our active ingredients all have potent anti-aging properties virtually identical to if not greater than potentially irritating anti-agers, like retinol, vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids, but do not inflame and even soothe the most sensitive skin types. How is this possible?

It all starts with our proprietary supercharged complexion-calming, dual-weight hyaluronic acid molecules that attack aging from all angles. First, the high molecular weight molecules draw skin-plumping moisture into skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while boosting vital moisture reserves to help strengthen its protective moisture barrier and improve skin comfort and elasticity. Next, the lower-weight molecules enhance the effects of the formula’s other gentle giant active ingredients. These include:

  • PPM6: Another multi-tasking marvel, this polypeptide matrix technology combines six peptides with proven antioxidants and our exclusive hyaluronic acid molecules to help safeguard skin from free radical damage and maintain optimal moisture levels while ensuring skin’s collagen, elastin, and keratinocytes maintain their integrity resulting in firmer, clearer, smoother, completely comfortable and healthier-looking skin.
  • Kakadu Plum: A native Australian plant that’s a rich source of free radical fighting and skin rejuvenating/repairing vitamin C without any of this potent anti-ager’s potentially irritating side effects.
  • Hexapeptide Leaf Extract: Works like a retinoic acid, without wounding skin, to help spur collagen production and strengthen skin integrity.



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