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You Won't Believe Your Eyes

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

By this time, we've learned the non-negotiable importance of certain skincare products, such as sunscreen and moisturizer. But when it comes to products for the eyes, there seems to be an endless debate as to whether we need it or can just use the same moisturizer under our eyes that we dab onto our faces.  

While we firmly believe that practicing skinimalism creates healthier, younger-looking, and more beautiful skin versus engaging in product overload, using a distinct product formulated for the sensitive eye area is essential to our anti-aging skincare regimens. Here are the key reasons:

  1. The eye area needs extra TLC: The skin around the eyes is thinner and more prone to dryness than the rest of the face, so it will likely require a more intensive treatment than our facial products to help keep it optimally hydrated and diminish lines and wrinkles.
  2. Gentleness is critical: Some ingredients used in facial creams, such as retinol and exfoliating acids, may be used in concentrations that are too harsh for the delicate and paper-thin under-eye area. Eye cream formulations use anti-aging ingredients in concentrations formulated explicitly for these sensitive areas.
  3. Face products don't address puffiness and dark circles: These concerns are specific to the under-eye area, so a facial moisturizer or anti-aging treatment is not formulated to treat them.

The one potential issue with many conventional eye creams and serums is that many formulations that treat lines, dryness, and wrinkles may not effectively address puffiness and dark circles. And the ones that treat puffiness and circles may not be hydrating, soothing, or smoothing. This means we often must make the difficult choice of picking which concerns we will treat while neglecting the others.

But we don't think that's a decision anyone should have to make. So, we've formulated our new Eye Renew Complexto tackle fine lines and crow's feet while helping to deflate puffiness and fade dark circles, so we all look brighter, firmer, better rested, and more energized.

It all starts with our proprietary PPM6 Technology™ which is a combination of six peptides and plant-based antioxidants that attach to our signature HA molecules to deliver remarkable hydrating, skin smoothing, soothing, firming, and radiance-enhancing results in a fraction of the time of many conventional anti-aging ingredients.

Our other power players that are tough on the signs of aging yet gentle to undereye skin include:

  • Microalgae Extract: Replete with amino acids, minerals, and vitamin B12, these non-flowering aquatic plants help to improve overall luminosity and brightness.
  • Chrysin: This botanical compound that occurs naturally in honey and passion fruit helps improve the look of dark circles by breaking up the excess melanin patches that can accumulate around the eyes.
  • Cranberry Fruit Extract: This tart fruit is infused with a powerful antioxidant to help ward off free radical damage and an AHA to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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