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For Sensational Skin, Scale Back on The Products You Use and start to… Skinimize

For Sensational Skin, Scale Back on The Products You Use and start to… Skinimize

With so many of us staring at ourselves and our supposed flaws on Zoom all day long, suffering from maskne, enduring stress-induced acne, and having a whole lot of time on our hands to online shop during the pandemic, it’s not surprising that so many of us have gone overboard with skincare products during these last couple of years. Who in the world needs 4 different eye creams? No one. But many of us seem to have them, anyway.

So, it’s no wonder that the hottest trend in skincare isn’t an amazing new active ingredient or product form, it’s something called Skinimalism or what we at Hydrinity call Skinimizing —t he idea of stripping down our skincare routines to the bare essentials. And whether you’ve Marie Kondo’d your house, or not, taking a minimal approach to skincare can yield wonderful results.
Here’s why when it comes to our skin, less is truly more:

  • Fewer Products=More of Everything We Love: Using just 2 products vs a whole slew of them gives us more of a few of our favorite things, including time, money, and shelf space.
  • Fewer Products=Less Guess Work: A single multitasking product when formulated well typically contains more than one active ingredient at the correct ratios and pH levels for healthy-looking, more beautiful skin. It’s incredibly difficult if not impossible to get that same result by blending or layering several different kinds of products together without a biochemistry degree.
  • More Products Usually= Fewer Results: A complicated multi-product regime will likely include many, many different types of ingredients that aren’t necessarily formulated to work together. In fact, some ingredients may actively cancel each other out.
  • More Products Can=More Problems: Using too many products with too many different ingredients can overwhelm, confuse and overstimulate skin leading to rashes, hyper-pigmentation, inflamed breakouts, redness, and flare-ups of conditions like dermatitis and Rosacea.
  • More Products=More Landfill: The less packaging there is to throw away or to try and recycle, the happier Mother Earth.

Consider us the ultimate routine for Skinimizing. With just 2 pumps of 2 products 2xs a day for 2 weeks Hydrinity helps achieve dramatic results. Say so long to complicated, time-consuming, shelf-cluttering, and expensive routines that can take a month or more to show improvements and even cause more problems than they solve. And if you aren’t completely satisfied with our results, please return your empty bottle to us for a full refund. Go ahead, you’ve got nothing to lose but lines, wrinkles, redness, and irritation.

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