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Beat Winter Blemishes

Beat Winter Blemishes

Yes. You read that right—winter and blemishes in the same sentence. And while this may seem like a contradiction of terms because one would think that the season’s colder, drier temperatures would put our complexions in the clear, sadly, acne is still fairly common this time of year.

The reason? The icy, windy air outside, combined with scorching indoor heating systems can strip skin of its natural surface oils, as well as compromise its protective moisture barrier,  both of which trap moisture and water into skin and help keep environmental toxins, dirt, and bacteria out. When these protective shields aren’t working optimally, it’s a whole lot easier for acne-causing bacteria to invade skin. In addition, when skin is dehydrated, dry, dead surface cells can build up and plug pores. Meanwhile, excess pore-clogging sebum may start flowing to try and lubricate dry skin. All of these factors can conspire together creating an ideal environment for pimples to pop up.

To help keep cold weather breakouts at bay, start by choosing a gentle, non-stripping cleanser with anti-blemish properties. Renowned for its wound-healing abilities and used by dermatologists worldwide, our refreshing 100% organic Hyacyn Active Purifying Mist carefully treats and prepares the skin with microbiome friendly ingredients that fight bacteria and impurities without drying skin. Hypochlorous Acid (HCOl), its standout ingredient, is a powerful anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent that effectively treats blemishes, renews compromised skin, reduces the risk of infection, and deeply calms all skin types.

Other key blemish-blasting tips include:

  • Limiting steamy, skin-parching showers to five minutes or less or switching to slightly cooler temperatures.

  • Steering clear of occlusive moisturizers that contain petroleum and/or mineral oil, which can clog pores and interfere with skin’s natural exfoliation process causing dry, dead pore-blocking skin cells to accumulate rather than slough off. Instead, reach for products that contain ingredients that strengthen the protective barrier and stimulate skin’s natural moisturizing factors, such as hyaluronic acid. Our Renewing HA Serum has 2x more hyaluronic acid than any other leading brand on the market.

  • Drinking plenty of water: Many of us don’t think to drink as much water in the winter as we do in the summer, but skin-beautifying hydration starts from the inside.

  • Changing our pillowcases frequently: Oil, bacteria and product residue from our hair and skin gets on our pillowcases which can lead to more breakouts if we don’t change them regularly.

  • Keeping scarves and hats clean: Wrapping ourselves up in warm, wooly accessories is a given this time of year but both hats and scarves can harbor blemish-causing bacteria. Plus, they easily absorb pore-clogging excess facial oil, dirt, and hair products which can transfer back to our skin every time we wear them. Tossing them in the wash regularly can help them remain winter friends rather than foes.

  • Invest in a Humidifier: This ingenious little machine helps rebalance the moisture levels in the air to help prevent the drying, frying, and blemish-causing effects of indoor heating.

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