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5 Reasons Skin May Still Be Dry After Moisturizing

5 Reasons Skin May Still Be Dry After Moisturizing

When skin is optimally hydrated it’s plump, firm, dewy, and completely comfortable. But sometimes, our skin doesn’t look and feel this way even after moisturizing. And dry skin isn’t just about a cracked, flaky and uncomfortable complexion. Dehydration can damage our protective moisturizer barrier, reduce skin elasticity, and promote the signs of aging prematurely, including, fine lines and wrinkles. Here are some reasons why our skin still can be dry after moisturizing and what we can do about it:

  1. Over-cleansing or using an over-zealous cleanser: Excessive washing or washing with a harsh cleanser can strip skin of its natural moisturizing factors and compromise our protective moisture barrier which locks out irritants, toxins, and pollutants and locks in crucial moisture. We’ve formulated our Hyacyn Active Purifying Mist with Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI), a potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent, not only to bring our skin back to optimal pH after cleansing, but also to treat blemishes and soothe even the most stressed and sensitive skin types, including those prone to acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

  2. Regularly scalding skin: If water is too hot it can strip skin of its protective oils and damage our protective moisture barrier, creating a pathway for germs, bacteria, and other external threats to enter the skin, leading to dryness, blemishes, and increased episodes of inflammatory conditions such as eczema.

  3. Allowing dry, dead skin cells to accumulate: Over time, letting dry, dead, flaky cells build up on skin’s surface and clog pores will give our skin a rough, parched texture, and most likely blemishes to boot.

  4. Exfoliating aggressively: Improper physical exfoliants that cut the skin, rigorous sloughing, and overusing intensive exfoliating acids will likely strip skin of its natural moisturizing factors and potentially damage the protective moisture barrier. Both our Renewing and Restorative HA Serums incorporate Hexapeptide Leaf Extract, which behaves like a retinol in terms of helping to optimize cell turnover, as well as spur collagen production, and strengthen skin integrity without its potentially irritating side effects.

  5. Not drinking enough water: Dehydration is a major cause of skin dryness. The outer layer of our skin is 15-20% water so we need to consume adequate amounts of it to maintain those levels. Studies have shown that optimal water intake can improve skin hydration.

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